Lisette Torres-Gerald, Dr. Paulo Tan, Dr. Cathery Yeh, and Dr. Daniel Reinholz are presenting at the Science Educators for Equity, Diversity, and Social Justice (SEEDS) conference: “Disability Justice Dreams in Math Education”

January 31, 2022

Ask-Us-Anything with Out-of-School Data Science Education Providers

January 20, 2022

Out-of-School providers are helping students use data science to solve real-world problems! Join TERC’s Andee Rubin, the Young Data Scientists League, and NetApp on Feb 16th at 1 PM ET for an Ask-Us-Anything panel event to learn more. Register here:

TERC’s Stephen Alkins Appointed to the Boston School Committee

January 20, 2022

Mayor Michelle Wu has announced the appointment of Dr. Stephen Alkins to the Boston School Committee, to serve a 4-year term. The Boston School Committee is the governing body of Boston Public Schools.

“Dr. Alkins has dedicated his career to bringing about the systemic change that’s needed in this moment,” said Mayor Michelle Wu. “I’m excited for him to bring his vision and experience to the Boston School Committee. His commitment to inclusion and holistic understanding of education will benefit all BPS families,  » Read more

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New Publication—Some Lessons From Elementary School Teachers’ Experiences of 3-D Science in the Time of COVID

January 18, 2022

Roger G. Tobin, Sara J. Lacy, Sally Crissman document a small-scale mixed-methods study of how COVID-19 affected three-dimensional science learning in elementary school classrooms, and how the situation changed when school resumed, in modified form, in fall 2020.Read more.

Sue Heavenrich reviews the Storytelling Math series

January 13, 2022

” … I was thrilled when Charlesbridge started publishing their Storytelling Math series. Each book explores a basic math concept that toddlers encounter on a daily basis. How tall is the flower I planted? What shape is this? Grace [Lin] helps model the sorts of language parents can use to talk with a young child about comparing, measuring, dividing, exploring volume, and spatial reasoning.”

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