New paper from Judy Vesel, Identifying Factors Influencing Individuals Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing Becoming Interested in Pursuing a STEM Career project

October 24, 2019

Download this paper here that examines influences that contribute to the interest of middle grade and high school students and STEM professionals who are deaf or hard of hearing in STEM and in a STEM career.

Investigations is at NCTM Salt Lake City!

October 17, 2019

Annie Sussman is presenting “Questions That Elicit Students’ Mathematical Ideas: Supporting Meaningful Discourse” on Thursday, 10/17/19, 8:00-9:00am in Salt Palace Convention Center, 255B.

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Jodi Asbell-Clarke and Zoombinis in “Games with Impact”

October 16, 2019

Read about Jodi Asbell-Clarke and Zoombinis mentioned in the latest APA Monitor on Psychology article “Games with Impact,” about psychology-savvy video games that address health, education, and socio-emotional skills.

iSWOOP Featured Artist Opens Art Exhibition

October 11, 2019

Dr. Juniper Harrower, iSWOOP featured artist and Joshua
Tree National Park artist-in-residence, opens a multimedia art exhibition on
Friday, October 18th, as the inaugural show at the new Black Rock Art Gallery
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Center For Astrophysics Science Education features Jim Hammerman

October 8, 2019

Center For Astrophysics Science Education monthly seminar featured TERC’s Jim Hammerman talking about the IDATA project where they’re developing software to help students who are blind and visually impaired collect astronomical data.

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