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TERC was founded in 1965 by technology and educational entrepreneur Arthur Nelson. Originally the acronym TERC stood for Technical Education Research Centers—a title that represented the technical and vocational education endeavors of the organization at the time. We’ve come a long way since then. We have legally changed our name to TERC. Our research and development extend across all areas of STEM education, reaching preK-12 through postsecondary students and teachers as well as adult learners. To learn more about TERC’s history and get a greater insight into how math and science build futures, visit About Us.

TERC is located at 2067 Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge, Massachusetts, but our reach extends way beyond. TERC’s programming inspires and instructs over 3 million students nationally and internationally every year. For more general information about TERC’s project work, download the TERC profile.

Visit our Careers page for current employment listings and internship opportunities. Here you’ll find job descriptions and contact info for each position and internship. You can also reach out to If you’re an educator or administrator, we invite you to check out our News section or follow us on Twitter @TERCtweets for opportunities and to get involved with active TERC research .

You can find us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter (@TERCtweets). Just click on the icons at the bottom our website—and follow us to see our projects and research in action.

We do not accept outside articles or research for publication. Our website is an organizational site designed to inform the public about our research and development work. We offer links to external research by our staff members in our Publications section, as well as a comprehensive listing of current projects and link to publishers of our products and materials.

TERC is not a publishing house or retailer, but we do have some products and curriculum that you may purchase. Just click on the individual product pages to see if the item you are interested is available. TERC Products & Materials

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TERC is not a funding organization. We receive grants and contracts from funding organizations to conduct project work. For more information about some of our partners and funders, please visit our Funders & Partners page.

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