We are TERC, an independent research-based non-profit organization. We’re dedicated to inspiring and engaging learners through stimulating research, materials and tool development, and professional development.

Our team is passionate about promoting equal access to learning opportunities in a variety of educational settings. We’re committed to teaching and motivating all learners so they’re able to develop the skills and confidence they need to ask questions, solve problems, and expand their options in higher education and career development.

Today, we reach millions of learners worldwide, embracing educational initiatives in K-12 classrooms, afterschool programs, community colleges, adult education centers, universities, zoos, aquariums, national parks, and research institutions. We closely evaluate and measure the impact of STEM on learning experiences and, in turn, the people and projects they reach. Our Leadership Team consists of forward-thinking math and science professionals, nationally recognized in their fields.

Because we understand STEM moves the world forward, we are committed to moving STEM learning forward.