Project LEAP in Education Week

April 8, 2019

Read the Education Week blog post from AERA about Project LEAP (Learning Early Algebra Progression). New research shows that students can understand and benefit from being introduced to algebraic concepts in elementary school.

Focus on Energy Receives NSTA Research Worth Reading Award

April 4, 2019

Model-based reasoning about energy: A fourth-grade case study, written by the Focus on Energy team, was one of three papers to win an NSTA Annual Research Worth Reading award from the National Association for Research in Science Teaching.

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Publication: Questions to Elicit Students’ Mathematical Ideas

April 1, 2019

Questions to Elicit Students’ Mathematical Ideas by Annie Sussman, James K. L. Hammerman, Traci Higgins, and Eric D. Hochberg in Teaching Children Mathematics, March 2019, Vol. 25, Issue 5

TERC at the Cambridge Science Festival 2019

March 12, 2019

Come play TERC’s award-winning, puzzle game Zoombinis, and experience how it engages players using computational thinking skills.

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Mia Ong on The Current State in STEM

March 2, 2019

Join Mia Ong in a virtual discussion on The Current State in STEM: What the Research Says 3/6 12-1:30 PM ET