Designing Biomimetic Robots is an interdisciplinary learning curriculum that integrates science, engineering, and computing to engage students in biomimicry design challenges. 

In Designing Biomimetic Robots, students: 

  • study the natural world to learn how animals accomplish different tasks, then design and build a robot inspired by what they learned. 
  • learn how to build and program a robot  
  • practice computational thinking, scientific reasoning, and engineering design skills. 

One Hour Activity

In this one-hour activity, students learn about animal adaptations and about biomimicry, the study of nature to inspire design.  

To learn more and download the One Hour Activity, click here.

Curriculum & Resources

The Designing Biomimetic Robot curriculum contains four modules, designed to engage middle school students in using ideas from animal structure and function to build a biomimetic robot.  

The modules include

  • approximately 15 hours of classroom activities
  • building guides 
  • links to multimedia resources
  • printable student worksheets 
  • a list of materials needed
  • and teacher tips throughout

To learn more and download the curriculum, click here.