Lead Staff:
Judy Vesel
Project Staff:
Tara Robillard


The LightAide was a unique device that included a display of 224 LED lights on one-inch spacing. Developed by Philips and marketed by Perkins Products, the LightAide was an assistive tool for students with visual impairments.

The device was portable and lightweight for its time. Switch connections offered opportunities for interactivity. A side control panel allowed adjustment of the brightness of the lights and selection of their color.

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Philips Color Kinetics LightAide Prototype Test: Evaluation Report (PDF)

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Using Interactive Light to Engage, Do, and Learn (PDF)

A Study of Purchaser’s Initial Experiences with Classroom Use of the LightAide™ (PDF)

LightAide™ Implementation Study (PDF)

Using Interactive Light to Assess, Practice, and Learn (PDF)

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