Designing Biomimetic Robots

In most middle schools, learning is segregated by discipline – science is taught in one class, and engineering or computing are taught in another, if at all. Yet today discovery and innovation are interdisciplinary, and students need to use skills and practices from multiple subject areas to solve problems.  
Designing Biomimetic Robots is an interdisciplinary learning curriculum that integrates science, engineering, and computing to engage students in biomimicry design challenges. 

In Designing Biomimetic Robots, students:

  • study the natural world to learn how animals accomplish different tasks, then design and build a robot inspired by what they learned.  
  • learn how to build and program a robot.
  • practice computational thinking, scientific reasoning, and engineering design skills. 

I was able to repeatedly talk to them about, well, ‘yes, you’re right, it’s not working as is.  But let’s figure out what is working and what do you want it to do, and figure out how to make that happen."

– Middle School Science Teacher