About BioRobots Team

Research Organizations 

About TERC 

TERC is a nonprofit made up of teams of math and science education and research experts dedicated to innovation and creative problem solving. At the frontier of theory and practice, TERC’s work encompasses research, content and curriculum development, technology innovation, professional development, and program evaluation. TERC has a passion for social justice and strives to create level playing fields for all learners, reaching more than three million students every year.     

To learn more, please visit www.terc.edu.  

About Tufts CEEO 

Tufts Center for Engineering Education and Outreach (CEEO), located just outside Boston MA USA, is a leader in “improving education through engineering” for K-12 and university classrooms. The fundamental belief motivating our education research, educational technologies, and outreach is that this integration helps students develop critical skills and improved excitement for learning, leading to wider technical literacy, higher quality of life, and greater environmental responsibility awareness. To learn more about Tufts CEEO and all we have to offer, please visit ceeo.tufts.edu

Project Researchers 

Our project team combines expertise in biology, engineering, computer science, and STEM education. 

Debra Bernstein
Debra Bernstein, Ph.D., is a senior researcher in the STEM Education Evaluation Center (SEEC) at TERC, a non-profit research and development organization.  Her research interests include curriculum design, implementation, and learning opportunities arising from the integration of technology design activities into K-12 and informal learning settings.  

Michael Cassidy 
Michael Cassidy, Ph.D., is a Senior Researcher at TERC. His work focuses on teacher professional learning, computational thinking, engineering education, robotics, and evaluation of mathematics and science intervention programs. 

Ethan Danahy
Ethan Danahy, Ph.D. is a Research Associate Professor at the Center for Engineering Education and Outreach (CEEO) with secondary appointment in the Department of Computer Science within the School of Engineering at Tufts University. His research focuses on the design, implementation, and evaluation of different educational technologies, ranging from software and hardware to interfaces and environments. 

Gillian Puttick 
Gillian Puttick, Ph.D. is a senior scientist at TERC. Her research focuses on designing, developing and testing inquiry-based curriculum, programs and activities for students and teachers that introduce fresh scientific discoveries to the classroom. 

Fay Shaw
 Fay Shaw, Ph.D., is currently a postdoctoral scholar at Tufts CEEO. Her research focuses on designing and incorporating educational technologies in formal and informal learning environments. Within this project, she has focused on artifact analysis.

Kristen Wendell 
Kristen Wendell, Ph.D. is an associate professor in mechanical engineering and education at Tufts University. Her research focuses on supporting productive and equitable classroom discourse in engineering learning experiences in K-12, undergraduate, and teacher education contexts.