The Role of Giving Back and Two-Eyed Seeing for Engineering & Computer Science Indigenous Students Transitioning to the Workplace

Nuria Jaumot-Pascual, Tiffany D. Smith, Christina B. Silva, Maria Ong, Matthew Madison
RESPECT 2024: Proceedings of the 2024 on RESPECT Annual Conference. May 2024. Pages 206–214. Retrieved from


Transitions often bring reflection and change. This paper illuminates transformational change initiated by Native students who are transitioning into the workplace in engineering and computer science. Drawing on surveys (n=36) and photo elicitation interviews (n=4) from a larger, longitudinal project, and grounded in transitions theory, the paper describes how these new professionals are guided by values of culturally connected giving back, such as promoting technology sovereignty, and how they engage Two-Eyed Seeing to bring together western and Native knowledges. The paper concludes with recommendations for attracting and retaining Native scientists in E&CS through opportunities of giving back and Two-Eyed Seeing.