Research Associate

Christina B. Silva

Programs/Areas of Interest

  • Women of color in STEM
  • Gender, race/ethnicity, and STEM
  • Social justice and STEM education policy


Christina B. Silva, B.S.W., is a Research Associate at TERC. She began her career as a researcher through her participation in the TERC Scholars Program, a research internship opportunity for undergraduate students of color offered at TERC. Over the last three years, she has engaged in qualitative research focused on the lived experiences of women and girls of color in STEM education and professions. She has also assisted on research conducted by the American Institute of Physics TEAM-UP Task Force. She holds a Bachelor of Social Work from Simmons University.


B.S.W., Simmons University

Select Publications

Jaumot-Pascual, N., DeerInWater, K., Ong, M. et al. “I can do data for my people”: experiences of giving back for Native undergraduates in computing. Cult Stud of Sci Educ (2023).