Photo Elicitation With Native STEM Students and Professionals

Nuria Jaumot-Pascual, Tiffany Smith, Maria Ong, and Kathy DeerInWater
Quests for Questioners: Inventive Approaches to Qualitative Interviews. Myers Education Press. (April 26, 2023)


This chapter from Quests for Questioners: Inventive Approaches to Qualitative Interviews, edited by Dr. Kathy Roulston, shares the affordances and challenges that the team has experienced when implementing photo elicitation with Native participants. It also includes ethical considerations, creativity and representation, interpreting visual data, and reciprocity considerations. The chapter is illustrated using photographs from two Double Bind projects: Native Women and Two-Spirit Individuals in Computing (NAWC2) and Native STEM Portraits: A Longitudinal, Mixed-Methods Study of the Intersectional Experiences of Native Learners and Professionals in STEM (NSP).

Awarded an Outstanding Book Award from The Society of Professors of Education at the American Educational Research Association meeting in Philadelphia.