Senior Researcher

Judy  Storeygard


Judy Storeygard has been a senior researcher at TERC, a not-for-profit organization specializing in research, development, and professional development for STEM (Science Technology, Engineering, and Math) education programs. Much of her work has focused on helping teachers work with students with special needs and others who need support in math. She has written two books in collaboration with classroom teachers, My Kids Can (Heinemann 2009) and Count Me In! K-5: Including Learners With Special Needs in Mathematics Classrooms (Corwin Press 2012). She is now Principal Investigator for the Doing the Math project. She wanted to work with paraeducators because they play such an important role in students’ mathematics learning.

Highlighted Publications

Storeygard, J., Mutch-Jones, K, Ngongi-Lukula, S. (2018) Doing the Math with Pareducators. TERC Hands On! Winter 2018

Storeygard, J. (2013). Yes, elementary school students with Asperger syndrome can learn math. AANE Journal, 11, 9-11.

Storeygard, J. (2012). My child “CAN”: Going beyond the ADHD label to help students learn mathematics. Exceptional Parent Magazine, 42(8), 48-50 (