Paras and Parents Partnership (P3)

Lead Staff:
Audrey Martínez-Gudapakkam
Judy Storeygard

Project Staff

Sabrina De Los Santos
Anya Carbonell


The Paras and Parents Partnership was a research project which sought to provide parents with accessible ways to support their children’s math learning. To accomplish this, we leveraged paraeducators who participated in a prior Math PD (DRK12 Doing the Math) to collaboratively create bilingual videos which model PreK-1st grade math activities and strategies that families could do at home. Through this process we also built paraeducators confidence and pedagogical content knowledge in mathematics through bi-weekly professional development. Once videos were developed, social media platforms such as WhatsApps were used to both share videos and collect feedback from families.

Research Activity

To study the impact of this research project, data was collected from participating paraeducators and parents through focus groups, surveys, social media, and observations.


Approximately 130 BPS student families were involved in viewing the videos and over half of these families were English learners.


Paras and Parents Partnership (P3) Video Image

Para and Parents Partnerships Video Image 2

PowerPoint Slides

To learn more about the project components and access mathematical activity examples, download the slides here.


Martínez-Gudapakkam, A., De los Santos, S., Storeygard, J., Patrone, A., Cuevas, D., & Chingo, P.
(2023). Empowering Latinx Families with Math. In M. Strutchens, G. Krause, D.Y. White, & J. Bay-Williams (Eds.), Antiracist Mathematics Education: Stories of Acknowledgment, Action and Accountability (pp.89 chapter 7). Amazon Publishing Agency.

NCTM 2021 Annual Conference,​ Friday, April 30, 2021​, “Working with Families to Support Students’ Empowerment in Mathematics”