The TERC Scholars Program (TSP) sets undergraduates on the path to a career in STEM education research. With a focus on candidates from underserved communities, the TSP also reflects TERC’s commitment to promoting greater diversity in STEM fields.

On site for up to 10 hours per week, each TERC Scholar becomes an active member of a project team and works under the supervision of the project’s leaders to help advance project goals and gain STEM education knowledge. Scholars engage in authentic research activities, such as classroom data collection, literature syntheses, instrument testing, data coding and analysis, and case study development.

TERC Scholars come from a variety of backgrounds and majors. Each scholar is assigned a mentor who assists them in navigating a professional workplace and guides them toward professional development opportunities.

Listen to TERC staff Christina B. Silva and past intern Yingying Zhou talk about their experiences as TSP interns.

Current Scholars and Projects

Anya Carbonell
Boston University, Class of 2022, Major: Undeclared

Mentors: Audrey Martinez-Gudapakkam and Sabrina De Los Santos

Anya works with the Aprendiendo Project to support Spanish speaking parents through learning pedagogy that will enable them to support preparing their children for learning math in kindergarten. Everyday all parents, regardless of academic background, unknowingly engage in math. Many parents miss opportunities for engaging their young children in rich discussions that support math learning, also known as Math Talk (MT). MT involves discussions about shapes, sizes, spatial relationships, sequencing, and other introductory concepts that are easily applied to getting dressed, organizing laundry, shopping, and other routine daily activities.

Angela D’Souza
University of Massachusetts, Amherst, College of Education, Second-year Doctoral Student: Mathematics, Science, and Learning Technologies
Research at the intersections of science, technology studies, and environmental studies
Angela D’Souza

Mentors: Mia Ong and Nuria Jaumot-Pascual

Angela works on the Native STEM Portraits (NPS) project which is a longitudinal study on the experiences of Native STEM students, faculty, and professionals and the barriers and supports they encounter in STEM. She also supports the IMS-SEIL project, an institute on qualitative meta-synthesis methods for STEM education graduate students, postdocs, early career researchers, and faculty.

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Past Scholars and Projects

Katie Yao
Boston University, Class of 2021, Major: Health Sciences

Mentors: Gilly Puttick and Santiago Gasca

Katie worked with the Innovate to Mitigate project. In this exploratory study, they report results from an open innovation competition challenging young people age 13-18 to develop a method for carbon mitigation.

Katie’s also worked with Mia Ong and Nuria Jaumot-Pascual to support two projects: Literature Analysis and Synthesis of Women of Color in Technology and Computing (LASOW), and Native American Women and Two-Spirit Individuals in Computing Higher Education: A Photo Elicitation Study of Persistence (NAWC2).

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Harry Dam
Boston University, Class of 2021, Major: Economics, Minor: Engineering Sciences

Mentors: Martha Merson

Harry worked on the Interpreters and Scientists Working on Our Parks (iSWOOP) Project which is a multi-faceted project providing professional development for park rangers, developing visual media on park-based scientific topics, and researching park visitors’ interests. Harry supported this project by gathering and synthesizing data for annual reports to funders and advisors, conducted relevant literature reviews for proposals and publications, assisted with the project’s online and social media presence, and supported park rangers with visual aids.

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La’Reya Brown
Boston University, Class of 2020, Major: Behavior & Health

Mentors: Eli-Tucker Raymond, Ph.D. & Maria Olivares, Ph.D.

La’Reya supported the Re-Making STEM Project and worked on her own research project as she sought to understand more about youth behavior, emotional well-being, and identity building in academic settings. Her purpose was aimed at understanding youth identity development and learning.

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Anya Carbonell
Boston University, Class of 2022, Major: Undeclared

Mentors: Eli-Tucker Raymond Ph.D. & Maria Olivares, Ph.D.

Anya supported the Re-Making STEM Project that promoted STEM literacy and investigated STEM identity development through maker spaces. She aspired to promote social justice and equity, and worked to build greater STEM interest and proficiencies in underrepresented and marginalized communities.        

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Nicole Shearer
Wheelock College/Boston University, B.S. in Social Work, 2019

Mentors: Karen-Mutch Jones & Judy Storeygard

Nicole supported the Doing the Math Project, which focuses on professional development of mathematics paraeducators in grades K-3. Nicole’s passion for youth advocacy enabled her to greatly strengthen paraeducators knowledge and teaching abilities, who often encounter multiple students with disabilities and those for whom English is a second language. Through the TSP, Nicole broadened opportunities for a diverse range of early childhood learners and improved access to continuing their education.

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I loved the camaraderie, the ability to deepen and strengthen my work in a non-competitive, safe space… The regular and structured discussions with TERC mentors were very helpful to my growth as a scholar.”

– TERC Scholar Intern