Models of Intervention: Reweaving the Tapestry

Judith (Judy) Storeygard and Cathy Fosnot (eds.)
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics/Reston, VA


Explore successful models of intervention. No Child Left Behind has set the high expectation that every child meet grade level expectations. This publication synthesizes the research on intervention programs and best practices related to mathematical instructional pedagogy and differentiation to assist teachers, schools, and school districts in improving the manner in which they serve children with challenges in mathematics.

Chapters include:

  1. Envisioning the Reweaving (Lambert and Jan Valle);
  2. The Landscape of Learning: A Framework for Intervention (Catherine Twomey Fosnot);
  3. The Habit of Reasoning: Uncovering Competence through Focused Instruction (Susan Jo Russell);
  4. Determining What Children Know: Dynamic versus Static Assessment (Judy Storeygard, Janan Hamm, and Catherine Twomey Fosnot);
  5. Guided Math Groups (Judy Storeygard, Sally Dyson, Karen Chikofsky, Lauren O’Neill, Debra Sit, Dahlia Wasserman, Nicole Nelson, Melissa Singer, Margaret Williams, and Rachel Weinstein);
  6. Teacher Collaboration (Judy Storeygard);
  7. Classrooms Where Children Learn (Catherine Twomey Fosnot and Timothy J. Hudson);
  8. Reweaving the Curriculum (Francine Cabral Roy);
  9. Differentiating through Computer Environments (Mickelle Weary and Rebecca M. Lewis);
  10. Statewide Intervention Initiative: Kentucky Mathematics Looms (Alice Gabbard); and
  11. Reweaving the Tapestry (Jan Valle). Also includes Professional Development Facilitator’s Guide.