January 2, 2018: Conference News

January 2, 2018

iSWOOP Symposium, Science in the Public Eye: Leveraging Partnerships  at the SICB Annual Meeting, January 3-7, 2018 San Francisco, CA 

November 20, 2017: Publication

November 20, 2017

Signing Math & Science PI, Judy Vesel, and Lead Researcher, Tara Robillard, publish a new article. Read about research conducted at the Museum of Science, Boston (MoS) in the Journal of Visual Literacy http://www.tandfonline.com/eprint/pC6KK7piFnaz5u3CbG7C/full

Watch Jodi Asbell-Clarke’s TedXYouth Talk

November 17, 2017

On November 4, Jodi Asbell-Clarke was a speaker in TedXBeaconSt, We Know More Then We Can Tell

To unleash the potential of all learners, we need to start looking at what people can do, not just what they can say. Many of the cognitive differences of neurodiverse students (learners with Autism, ADD, Dyslexia and other cognitive functions that make school difficult) may also empower them with creativity, resilience, and innovative approaches to problem-solving.

Our education system struggles to measure and support these different ways of thinking,  » Read more

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November 16, 2017: Announcement

November 16, 2017

STEM for All Video Showcase, Transforming the Educational Landscape, May 14 – 21, 2018 call for presenters!

November 13, 2017: Conference News

November 13, 2017

Andee Rubin invited to Perspectives for data science education at school level – Educational contributions from statistics, computer science and sociocultural studies Symposium in Paderborn, Germany. The Symposium is initiated and funded by the Deutsche Telekom Stiftung Germany.