Lead the Zoombinis home!

Zoombinis, an award-winning adventure game, engages players in guiding little blue Zoombinis on a “”fun but perilous”” journey featuring 12 logic and computational thinking puzzles, each with 4 levels of difficulty. Only you can deliver the Zoombinis from the clutches of the evil Bloats, who have seized control of Zoombini Isle! Guiding the Zoombinis to their new home will require your best creative and logical thinking, as the way ahead is perilous. Solve fun and challenging puzzles and explore a strange land packed with memorable and quirky characters.

Playing Zoombinis teaches and reinforces valuable life skills, including problem decomposition, patterns and prediction, data representation, algorithm design, and more.

Lead the Zoombinis home! Download for iPad, Android Tablet, Kindle, or computer desktop (Windows or Mac OSX). Photo: Zoombinis play

Zoombinis for the Classroom

The classroom version features additional educator materials and guides, as well as tracking that allows educators to collect data as their students play Zoombinis, and—through the use of detectors—identify when players demonstrate the four fundamental practices of CT: problem decomposition, pattern recognition, algorithm design, and abstraction as they appear within the puzzles.