Zoombinis Clubs for After School

Perfect for after school/out-of-school-time and informal learning spaces, we can help your program launch its very own Zoombinis Club – powered by a series of five easy-to-implement, offline, collaborative activities which are designed to enrich and enhance Zoombinis, the online, researched-based learning game. With 10 hours of in-person programming and along with online game play focused on math and computational thinking, Zoombinis Clubs leverages the game’s decades-long popularity creating experiences for students in grades 3-7. 

Activities include:
• Make Your Own Zoombini
• Allergic Cliffs: Act It Out
• Pizza Pass: Organizing Data
• Fleens: What’s My Rule?
• Captain Cajun’s Ferryboat: Act It Out

Club Kit includes:
• Facilitator’s guide
• Downloadable/printable PDF resources
• Google Slides presentations
• Modifications for small and large groups

For more info and to signup, visit our partner FableVision Games.