Zoombinis is based on the original Logical Journey of the Zoombinis by 

Chris Hancock and Scot Osterweil 


Executive Producer  

David Libby 

Production Manager 

Teon Edwards 

Education Advisor 

Jodi Asbell-Clarke 

Lead Researcher 

Elizabeth Rowe 

Business Development 

Glen Secor 


Laurie Brennan 


Game and Puzzle Development Design 

Scot Osterweil 

Chris Hancock 

LGN Producer 

Peter Stidwell 

LGN Puzzle Developers 

Greg Vaughan 

John Karczewski 

LGN Production Assistant 

Charlotte Duncan 


Executive Creative Director 

Gary Goldberger 

Executive Producer 

Karen Bresnahan 


Polly Searles 

Associate Producer 

Michael Fogarasi 

Technical Director 

Brian Grossman 

Lead Developer 

Jordan Bach 

Art Director 

Bob Flynn 

Lead Artist: Backgrounds, UI, Asset animation 

Christopher Cyr 

Lead Character Artist 

Bob Flynn 

Lead Animator 

Didi Hatcher 

Intro Animation 

Taryn Johnson 

Art Production 

Taryn Johnson 

Loren Lee 

Sonnye Lim 

Michelle McGaughey 

Sound Production 

Jordan Persson 


John Groh 

Michael Lin 

Hannah O’Neal 

Jeff Paquette 

Hannah Searles 

Chris Taniguchi 

Katie Tusch 


Sarah Ditkoff 

Andrea Calvin 

The Game Agency 

Managing Partner 

Stephen Baer 

Creative Director 

Jeff Burchett 

Art  Directors 

Michael Dwyer 

Chris Neuman 


Kara Kono 

Zoombinis Fan Advisory Group 

Colin Schulte 

Jamie I. Armstrong 

Lauren Frost 

Maria Libby 

Naomi Suwa 

Ryan Renner 

Amy Parker 

Samantha ‘Zoombini Queen’ Parker 

Shankar Sunny Kumar 

Krish Kumar 

Riya Kumar 

Teresa Carrigan 

Wagner Koop