Zoombini Tips

Feeling lost? We intended part of the fun of Zoombinis to be figuring out how to play the game, so please spend some time on your own trying that, but if you’re really stuck here is some guidance for you!

The Basics (a lot of this will be obvious as you play the game)
  • Your objective is to get 400 Zoombinis from Zoombini Isle to Zoombiniville through various challenges. The challenges are grouped in legs of three, and there are four levels of difficulty for each challenge. At the end of each leg is a rest area – or Zoombiniville – where your progress is saved automatically. To move on from one of the rest areas to the next leg you must have a group of 16 Zoombinis – if you don’t you need to go back to an earlier rest area or Zoombini Isle to get more Zoombinis through to that point.
  • To play the game, make sure you’re in Journey mode, accessible from the compass on the Map (the Map is accessible in the game by clicking the “scroll” icon in the lower right). Journey mode will increase the difficulty of the challenges on a leg by leg basis, leveling you up automatically as you get better at the challenges.
  • The levels are Not So Easy (green), Oh So Hard (purple), Very Hard (yellow), and Very Very Hard (red). The Map will show you the level you’re on for each leg of three challenges by coloring the path with these colors.
  • There’s also Practice mode accessible via the compass where you can pick individual challenges and levels to practice.
  • Many of the challenges depend on the characteristics of the Zoombinis themselves. If you can pick up a Zoombini and move it around you’ll eventually find one or more spots that glow that you can drop the Zoombini on. Then you’ll see what happens! Try to look for patterns in what you see as you try to solve the challenge. For other challenges you’ll need to pick from a set of characteristics that are part of the challenge and see what works – for instance what pizza toppings will make the hungry trolls happy.
  • The challenges themselves will give you clues about what works and doesn’t, but you’ll only get so many chances before your remaining Zoombinis get sent back to the last resting place! The Question Mark icon in the lower right will give you more hints.
  • Just like in real life when you’re trying to figure things out, you have to start with trial and error and look for a pattern. It may not be possible to play a perfect game or round! As the narrator says:
Zoombinis Flying Character

“Yes, Zoombinis were left behind but the knowledge was gained!”

A Deeper Guide to Each Challenge

If you’re really stuck download our PDF guide here, but only look at the challenge you’re stuck on! By the way, knowing how a challenge works may make it a little easier, but at higher levels you’re still going to have to think pretty hard to get your Zoombinis through!

Zoombinis Detailed Guide


We have guides to strategies for a couple of the challenges and will add more as we create them:

Zoombinis Tips – Allergic Cliffs Levels 1 & 2

Zoombinis Tips – Allergic Cliffs Levels 3 & 4

Zoombinis Tips – Pizza Pass Level 1