Use of Facebook as a Resource for STEM Teachers of K-12 Students and Educators of Deaf or Hard of Hearing Students and Neurodiverse Learners During the Pandemic

Judy Vesel and Tara Robillard


An immediate consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic was that many schools were forced to suddenly and immediately transition from face-to-face education of all students to remote or distance teaching and learning. This switch resulted in numerous unanticipated challenges and to many educators turning to social media platforms, to help them figure out how to proceed. The CSTL Overhead (OH) project described in this white paper was a small study to begin to find out about the implications of the use of Facebook by K-12 educators of students who are deaf or hard of hearing and of those who are neurodiverse learners to make subject matter content in the form of written and spoken material during the pandemic.