Signing Glossaries for use in informal STEM Learning Environments

The Signing Glossaries project researched and developed six separate signing glossaries, delivered as apps for use with handhelds, to provide visitors ages 5-12+ who are deaf or hard of hearing access to STEM vocabulary during visits to aquariums, botanical gardens, natural history museums, nature centers, science museums, and zoos.

The glossaries are lists of science terms, definitions, and illustrations. Terms can be accessed from an alphabetical list, from a category list, and using a search feature. Definition pages include the term and its definition in English, and icons for listening to the term and its definition, seeing a 3D avatar character sign, and viewing an illustration.

Apps for the Signing Zoo Glossary (SZG), Signing Nature Center Glossary (SNCG), Signing Science Museum Glossary (SSMG), Signing Natural History Museum Glossary (SNHMG), Signing Aquarium Glossary (SAG), and Signing Botanical Garden Glossary (SBGG) are available free through Apple’s App Store.