March 2, 2018: Announcement

March 2, 2018

Call for Diverse Picture Book Submissions at Charlesbridge, Storybooks, Diversity, and Math for ages 3–6Charlesbridge and TERC are collaborating on an initiative to develop better math storybooks for children of all backgrounds.

A Girl Scout Program Focused on Energy Conservation

February 22, 2018

A Design Based Research Study

Gillian Puttick, Debra Bernstein, and Teon Edwards—2018. Educational Designer, 3(10). 


This paper describes the retrospective analysis of a sequence of design decisions made while iteratively developing a science program for eight- to fourteen-year-old Girl Scouts. The program focused on energy conservation and climate change. To analyze the design, we drew on the original theoretical framework and analyzed design documents to clearly articulate a series of previously implicit design conjectures.  » Read more

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Signing Math and Science looking for families for museum visit

February 18, 2018

Would you like to visit the Museum of Science Boston or the SEE Science Center in Manchester, NH? Signing Math and Science is looking for families with deaf or hard of hearing children that use ASL, to use and give opinions on a new portable, 3D glossary of ASL science terms that is on an iPod Touch. Please contact for more information or to schedule a visit.  » Read more

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February 15, 2018: Conference News

February 15, 2018

EdGE is at NCCE18! Early risers, check out Jamie Larsen and Barbara MacEachern’s SportsLab Mu of your Shoe workshop Feb16 at 8:00am. See how to leverage edtech & STEMed for meaningful design projects using sport research & shoe design.

January 31, 2018: In the News

January 31, 2018

Flipping with Short Lab Videos May Help Students Learn in Science Courses