Forum for Equity in Elementary Mathematics


Logo: Forum for Equity in Elementary Mathematics

The Forum for Equity in Elementary Mathematics is dedicated to taking up equity, access, identity, and agency in the elementary mathematics classroom. Its goal is to open up discussions among mathematics educators as we seriously and passionately pursue equity in mathematics learning for elementary students.

The Forum has designed the resources below to support teachers and their students in developing and maintaining equitable learning communities in their mathematics classrooms.


A Framework for Reflecting about Equity in the Elementary Mathematics Classroom is offered as a tool for educators who want to engage in collaborative reflection on equity, identity, and agency in mathematics learning and teaching. Its purpose is to help structure discussions about factors that either support students to develop strong mathematics identities or perpetuate assumptions about who can and can’t do mathematics. Download the Framework here.

Student Reflection Tool: Getting to Know Your Students

This tool is designed to support teachers in establishing and maintaining equitable math learning communities by gathering information about their students’ experiences in math class. It helps teachers examine their students’ expectations, dispositions, and reactions to math group through exit tickets, surveys and student interviews. Download the Student Reflection tool here.

Teacher Reflection Tools: Equitable Participation

These two tools are designed to help teachers bring about more equitable participation in their math classrooms by collecting data and reflecting on students’ participation and the teaching practices that may affect it. One tool focuses on participation in whole class discussions while the other focuses on small group/pair workDownload the Teacher Reflection Tools here.