Getting to Know Your Students

Gathering information about students’ experiences in math is an important part of establishing and maintaining an equitable learning community. When teachers take time to gather and respond to students’ reflections about math class, they demonstrate their commitment to fostering a supportive math learning community as well their respect for their students’ contributions. If used regularly, such reflections can help teachers see how students’ thoughts about mathematics and about themselves as learners are or are not changing over time.    

The Student Reflection Tool is designed to support teachers in making student reflection a regular part of their practice. The tool contains a bank of questions and sample questionnaires organized into four areas of focus: 

  • Area 1: Students’ prior experiences with mathematics 
  • Area 2: Students’ reflections on themselves as math learners 
  • Area 3: Students’ beliefs and expectations for math class  
  • Area 4: Students’ participation in math class 

An accompanying planning document supports teachers in identifying their goals, selecting specific questions to pose, analyzing students’ responses, and reflecting on next steps. 

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I think that using these tools helps you be more reflective and more intentional in a way that will ultimately help your students.” 

– Classroom teacher