An Online Professional Learning Network

Lead Staff:
Joni Falk
Project Staff:
Kim Descoteaux
Kathryn Hobbs
Quang Le


The website is archived & will no longer be actively maintained. was an online professional learning network created to serve NSF’s MSP (Math and Science Partnership) program. It facilitated the sharing of strategies, challenges, resources, and expertise within and across MSP projects. It also helped share lessons learned by MSP projects with the U.S. Department of Education’s MSP program, as well as with researchers, practitioners, and the public at large. Finally, it provided an innovative model of inter-linking e-communities of practice to others interested in developing online learning communities.

This online network offered interactive online poster sessions, interactive panels and webinars, cross-project dialogue, quick find resource search capabilities, and synthesis and research briefs of MSP-authored research.


MSPnet, which was first launched in January 2004 with 351 pre-registered members and eventually served over 7,200 members who were affiliated with MSP projects. It successfully attracted a large public user-base of over 1.5 million unique visitors, who accessed over 7.4 million page-views. MSPnet’s professional learning network facilitated cross-project dialogue while also providing each NSF MSP project with its own project space, including interactive tools to enhance collaboration between partners.