Santiago  Gasca

Program/Areas of Interest

  • Mixed Methods Research
  • Computational Thinking
  • Out of School Time


Mr. Santiago Gasca works on a range of research and evaluation projects at TERC with SEEC, CSR, and EdGE. As a former residential counselor for teens and young adults, Santi is especially interested in character development and resilience, particularly pertaining to youth STEM educational engagement in informal settings. Santi also serves as a member of TERC’s Institutional Review Board (IRB).


  • Tufts University, M.A. Child and Human Development


  • American Education Research Association
  • American Evaluation Association

Honors & Awards

  • Cadre Fellow

Highlighted Publications

Boulden, D. C., Wiebe, E., Aksit, O., Mutch-Jones, K., Gasca, S., Dorsey, C., Reichsman, F., Lester, J., & Lord, T. (2019, April). Instructional orchestration with digital games: Influences on students’ learning experiences. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association, Toronto, Canada.

Mutch-Jones, K., Gasca, S., Pallant, A., Lee, H-S. (2018). Teaching with interactive computer-based simulation models: Instructional dilemmas and opportunities in the High-Adventure Science project. School Science and Mathematics, 118(5), 141-201.

Rowe, E., Asbell-Clarke, J., Cunningham, K. & Gasca, S. (2017, October). Assessing implicit computational thinking in Zoombinis gameplay: Pizza Pass, Fleens, and Bubblewonder Abyss. Poster to be presented at the ACM SIGCHI Annual Symposium on Computer-Human Interaction in Play, Amsterdam.