Study of Place

An Environmental Science Supplemental Curriculum for Grades 5-8

Study of Place consists of two web-based science units that give middle grade students access to technological tools and resources used by scientists, and provide opportunities for authentic inquiry about the interconnectedness of our world. These online materials bridge the school curriculum of Earth and physical science and social studies. Students use satellite images, GIS maps, and other visualizations to capture the inter-relationships among ice, oceans, and atmosphere. Each module is framed by an historical narrative that makes a connection between the physical environment and human activity. Assessments and scoring rubrics are embedded in each module, providing opportunities for tracking student learning. Antarctic Exploration and Ocean Currents Exploration units are available now.

Antarctic Exploration

Explore the relationship between the expanse of sea ice and seasonal change, framed by the story of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s 1914 expedition to Antarctica and how, when his ship became icebound and was crushed to pieces, he and his crew survived before being rescued 2 years after their journey began.

Oceans Currents Exploration

Investigate the mysterious Gulf Stream, framed by the story of Benjamin Franklin’s quest to explain why English ships carrying mail to the American colonies took two weeks longer to cross the Atlantic than colonial merchant ships going the other way.