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Research Briefs through Interpreters’ Eyes: Recommendations for Scientists Sharing Park‐Based Research

September 25, 2020

Read this article here, cowritten by TERC's Martha Merson, Nickolay Hristov and others, that covers how briefs can be formatted to better serve docents, volunteers, and interpretive rangers who are in a position to communicate science in parks, nature centers and other informal learning environments.

EdGE at TERC is looking for participants in a new research study.

September 15, 2020

EdGE at TERC is looking for educators (grades 3-8) who are interested in using...

The new article – Consequences of Curricular Adaptation Strategies for Implementation at Scale, cowritten by Brian Drayton and Debra Bernstein has recently been published.

September 11, 2020

This study examines and compares how developers designed two primary science curricula to support teacher adaptation and enable use of innovative materials at scale. The article is available here to read.

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I loved the camaraderie, the ability to deepen and strengthen my work in a non-competitive, safe space… The regular and structured discussions with TERC mentors were very helpful to my growth as a scholar.”

– TERC Scholar Intern