Teacher Background Information — What the Teacher Might Want to Know

The Study of Place Teacher Guide includes all the information teachers need to do the modules with their students, but often teachers appreciate having additional background information—What the Teacher Might Want to Know. Such additional content information is offered in the following PDFs:

Student Sheets

Some of the activities in Chapter 7 of Study of Place involve students in recording information where it’s helpful to have a printout on which to write (e.g. drawing on a map). The following student sheets are optional, but helpful:

Online Resources

Antarctic Exploration

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Basic Instructions:

  1. Click solar time and altitude.
  2. Enter your school’s latitude.
  3. Select monthly, January 1, once a day, and 12:00.
  4. Click Calculate.
  5. Check the Output, recording the altitude data.

Basic Instructions:

  1. Set Month (January), Day (1), Hour (12), and Latitude (your schools latitude).
  2. Record the altitude.
  3. Change the month, recording the altitude data for each.

Chapter 4