Practice-Based Inquiry in Science: A Professional Development Course in Science for K-5 Teachers in Urban Districts

Chèche Konnen Center at TERC: Ann S. Rosebery, Folashade Cromwell Solomon, Eli Tucker-Raymond, Beth Warren, Christopher G. Wright; Boston Teacher Residency: Denise Baumann, Lynne Godfrey, Jesse Solomon, Boston Public Schools: Heidi Fessenden
TERC/Cambridge, MA


Practice-Based Inquiry (PBI) is a professional development course in science and sense-making. The main focus is developing teaching practices in K-5 science that build on understanding the intellectual power of the sense-making practices of students from communities historically placed at risk. By practice-based inquiry, we mean professional development that is centered in learning in and from investigations of everyday classroom practice. The overarching goal of this work is to support teachers in working together as practitioner-researchers to investigate their students’ sense-making and their own teaching practice in order to create classrooms rich in meaningful and engaged learning in science.

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