TERC’s Adult Numeracy Presenting at the Massachusetts Coalition for Adult Education Network Conference

Friday, April 1st at 1:30 PM-3:00 PM

How Grand Is Your Total?

Description: This math unit, full of smaller puzzling questions with multiple solution paths, engages students in learning about properties of numbers and operations, the meaning of equality, and the power of place value. How Grand Is Your Total? is the final puzzle of this unit which builds foundational concepts for algebra. This unit works in many settings; it can be taught in short bursts or in full, at a distance or in-person, with or without access to technology and supplemental materials during class, and with or without assigning homework. During the session, you will experience several activities as learners and look at those same activities (and student work) from a teacher’s perspective. You will leave with access to the entire unit of instruction.

  • Connie Rivera (Speaker)Adult Numeracy Center at TERC – SABES Math and Numeracy PD Center, Curriculum Specialist

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