TERC Will #ShutDownSTEM in Solidarity with the Black Community on June 10, 2020

TERC recognizes the STEM community is not immune to anti-Black racism. Beyond racial injustice, the STEM community is plagued by discrimination, and historic inequity. Black ideas and Black voices are among the most innovative and integral to the advancement of math and science and we value their contribution and their humanity. 

Now, more than ever, we ShutDownSTEM to further our education on systemic racism. 

We ShutDownSTEM to hold ourselves accountable in our work; we aim to ensure our research projects uplift and protect the most marginalized, provide equitable access to educational opportunities, and do not perpetuate racist frameworks or ideologies.

We ShutDownSTEM in solidarity with the Black community, STEM organizations, and Academia to dismantle anti-Black Racism and systemic inequity.

A list of anti-racism resources are available here.

Learn more about the #ShutDownSTEM movement here.