TERC Staff Presenting at AERA

We are thrilled to announce the lineup of TERC staff presentations for the 2023 AERA Conference! Our team has been working on an array of captivating topics that will both educate and motivate you. From the most up-to-date research, methods, and frameworks to actionable strategies for the classroom, these presentations will equip you with the resources and expertise to elevate your practice. We can’t wait to see you at the conference!

Click here for the full list and even more details.

Thu, April 13, 3:50pm to 5:20pm ET (Deepening Students’ Mathematics Reasoning and Engagement)
Kindergarten-Grade 2 Students’ Algebraic Reasoning Before and After a One-Year Early Algebra Intervention
TERC Staff Presenting: Maria Blanton

Fri, April 14, 12:40pm – 2:10pm ET (Marriott Roundtable 6)
Native STEM Graduate Student Experiences: Utilizing Mixed Methods to Co-Construct Agendas for Persistence
TERC Staff Presenting: Mia Ong, Nuria Jaumot-Pascual, Lisette Esmeralda Torres-Gerald, Christina Bebe

Fri, April 14, 3:50pm – 5:20pm ET (AERA Poster Session 8)
Invented Representations of Functional Relationships
TERC Staff Presenting: Maria Blanton

Fri, April 14, 3:50pm – 5:20pm (DisCrit Mothering: Interrogating Consequential Education for Our Children’s Lives and Humanity)
A Litany for Survival in Pandemic Times: DisCrit Mothering and Radical Love
TERC Staff Presenting: Lisette Esmeralda Torres-Gerald

Sat, April 15, 9am – 10:30am ET (Fairmont Roundtable 10)
A Framework for Preparing Rural Middle School Teachers for History-Computer Science Integration
TERC Staff Presenting: Eric Hochberg, Debra Bernstein, Santiago Gasca

Sun, April 16, 5:40pm – 7:10pm ET (AERA Poster Session 16)
Using Robotics to Enhance Middle School Science Learning: Examining Teachers’ Design Goals for Integrated Lessons
TERC Staff Presenting: Debra Bernstein, Michael Patrick Cassidy, Karen Mutch-Jones

Sun, April 16, 3:50pm – 5:20pm ET (Design Principles for Creating Accessible and Inclusive Introductory Computing Experiences)
Evolving Introductory Programming Activity Designs to Support Neurdiversity in Elementary and Middle School Classrooms
TERC Staff Presenting: Tara L. Robillard, Erin Bardar, Teon Edwards, Jodi Asbell-Clarke

Thu, May 4, 10:45am – 12:15pm ET (Examining Problem-Posing, Measurement, Visualization, and Objectivity in Mathematics
K-2 Early Algebra Students’ Understanding of the Commutative Property of Addition
TERC Staff Presenting: Maria Blanton

Fri, May 5, 9am – 10:30am ET (Examining Public Health Education and Policy: Critical Constructions of Health Education, Drugs, and Scientific Truths
Vernacular Science Cultures in a Rural New Hampshire School Community: Construing Vaccination Before COVID
TERC Staff Presenting: Brian E. Drayton