TERC Sessions at NARST 2024

2024 National Association for Research in Science Teaching (NARST) Annual International Conference in Denver, Colorado – March 17th-20th
Sunday March 17th
Families Matter: Family Learning as a Central Component to Equity in STEM Education
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Strand 11: Cultural, Social, and Gender Issues
Agentic Interest Pathways: Understanding How Families Shape Their Own Interest Development to Inform STEM Equity
Scott A. Pattison, Smirla Ramos Montañez, Viviana López Burgos, Gina N. Svarovsky, Annie Douglass, Julie Allen, Catherine Wagner

Monday March 18th
The Arts’ Roles in Centering Equity, Justice, and Liberation Vis-A-Vis Science Knowledge and Identity Construction
Maria Varelas, Dionne N Champion, Folashade Solomon, Mindy Chappell, Maria Kolovou, Nathan Mitchell, Rebecca Kotler, Ronan M Rock, Ayesha Qazi-Lampert, Brezhnev Batres

Poster Session A
Argumentation in Elementary School, from Evidence and Models
Roger G Tobin, Sara J Lacy, Sally Crissman

Tuesday, March 19th
Building Culturally Sustaining Projects and Partnerships to Support Science for the ‘Rest of Us’
Gisele Ragusa, Colby Tofel-Grehl, Nicole Colston, Constance Flanagan, Ken Rafanan, Helen Zhang, Angela Kelly, Beatriz Perret

Teaching and Learning Focused on Emerging Technologies
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Teachers’ Engaging in Systems Thinking through Game Design: A Teacher Professional Development Program
Michael Cassidy, Gillian Puttick, Debra Bernstein, Santiago Gasca

Shifting Perspectives: Embracing Systemic Lenses in Discipline-Based Education Research
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Drawing Connections Between Macro-Activity Systems and Micro-Interactions: Variation in Learning Assistant Facilitation Practices
Ira Caspari-Gnann, Nicolette M Maggiore, Jessica M Karch

Problematizing Effective Learning: What Does It Mean for a Learning Moment to Be Considered Effective?
Jessica Karch, Ira Caspari-Gnann

Wednesday, March 20th
Measuring Computational Thinking in Non-Programming Contexts: Progress and Challenges
Eben B Witherspoon, Jonathan Margolin, Dorothy Bennett, Ibrahim Dahlstrom-Hakki, Jessica Bailey, Jackie DeLisi, Emily Relkin, Leiny Yesenia Garcia, Yvonne Kao, Arif Rachmatullah

Roundtables Session
Adapting the Family Resilience Framework to Understand Strengths of Latinx Families in Early STEM Learning
Smirla Ramos Montañez, Scott A Pattison, María Quijano, Shauna Tominey, Viviana López Burgos