Registration opens January 15th to be a presenter in the 2019 STEM for ALL Video Showcase


Joni Falk, TERC

Opportunity for Federally-Funded Projects to be Viewed by Thousands

Registration opens January 15th to be a presenter in the 2019 STEM for ALL Video Showcase, hosted by TERC and funded by NSF, addressing the theme Innovations in STEM Education.

Cambridge, MA — Federally funded projects are invited to register January 15th – February 19th as presenters to submit their short project video (less than 3-minutes) by April 23rd into the STEM for All Video Showcase. The interactive, free, online event provides access to a range of cutting-edge projects aimed at improving Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science teaching and learning. During the week of May 13th, thousands of educators, researchers, policy makers and the public, will discuss the videos with the presenters, exchange ideas, explore the impact of these programs, and vote for their favorites.

“In its 5th year, the Video Showcase continues to provide an opportunity for projects to receive new ideas and feedback, to hear from audiences interested in using their resources, and to broadly disseminate their innovative work,” said Joni Falk, Principal Investigator of the Video Showcase and co-director of the Center for School Reform at TERC. “It also enables presenters to learn of related projects and to make new contacts and collaborations for future work.”

The Video Showcase offers projects a compelling platform to share their work nationally and internationally. The 2018 Video Showcase has had over 70,000 unique visitors from 180 countries.

“Very quickly, I think in the space of three or four days, we got thousands of views and as an academic it was the first time that I produced anything in my career that got such a wide readership so quickly,” said Michel DeGraff, MIT-Haiti Initiative. “One real world consequence as part of the video was to be able to enlist support that we didn’t even know existed. Some people actually wrote to me wanting to help. And eventually they did come to help.”

Successful videos will describe the need that the project addresses, the intervention, innovation, or research, and the potential impact of the work. Based on online voting, some video presentations will be recognized on the site at the end of the event as public choice, presenters’ choice or facilitator’s choice. Full video requirements along with additional information about this year’s theme can be found here

The STEM for All Video Showcase is created and hosted by TERC, in partnership with six NSF funded resource centers MSPnet, CADRE, CAISE, CIRCL, STELAR, CS for All Teachers. The showcase is funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation (#1642187). To learn more about the showcase and to watch project videos from 2018, visit

About TERC and Its Mission

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