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Stunning visuals of Earth and music that’s out of this world!

Cambridge, MA – The Association of Space Explorers (ASE) and TERC, a STEM education non-profit, present “Windows on Earth – the Movie” on This 48-minute film features stunning astronaut photography of Earth accompanied by the ethereal music of Steve Thomas. It offers a unique perspective of our planet through the astronaut’s lens and the musician’s ear. All Earth Movie Theatre movies are free to watch in 4K on and is an ongoing ASE-TERC collaboration that showcases high-resolution astronaut captured movies of Earth with exceptional music by renowned musicians. These visually captivating films also offer educational value, promoting understanding of Earth and planetary stewardship.  

Windows on Earth – the Movie” places people in the International Space Station, looking out the cupola windows. Viewers get the opportunity to experience the ISS Expedition crews’ favorite visuals including the aurora, clouds, and mountains from all over the world. The ethereal music composed by eclectic guitarist Steve Thomas helps viewers float along and immerse themselves. 

Steve Thomas

The music soundtrack was first commissioned by TERC for Richard Garriott’s trip to the ISS along with sound design for the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum permanent exhibit installation of Windows on the World.

“It seems only fitting to bring all this imagery together with the original soundtrack using today’s video creation tools,” said Dan Barstow, Education Mission Specialist for ASE and founder of Earth Movie Theater, overseeing the movie animation. “What a pleasure it is to bring together these thousands of astronaut photographs, setting them in motion in such a compelling presentation today, for the space explorers of tomorrow,” he added.

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Steve Thomas is a music industry veteran and multifaceted musician (guitarist, composer, audio engineer). He provides production services and music for artists, institutions, and creatives working in all forms of media.  Steve enjoys applying his skill set to bring voice to art and education projects that are out to do good in the world. More at


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