Calling All STEM Teachers of Grades 9–12 to participate in the Innovate to Mitigate Challenge!

Love to teach environmental science? 

Want to support problem-based learning?

Challenge your students to submit ideas about how to address climate change by reducing greenhouse gases!


  • As part or whole of your course elective  
  • As a final middle or high school graduation project 
  • As an independent study project 
  • As a free-choice option conducted by students in out-of-school time, and mentored by you 


  • Three, two-hour webinars for project orientation, review of materials, strategies for supporting problem-based learning 
  • Ongoing, peer-to-peer support in mentored online discussions to share practices with other teachers 
  • Weekly virtual “office hours” for answers to specific questions or challenges. 
  • Professional Development Points for hours spent on the project 

Check the website for details: 


View past submissions:

Funded by the National Science Foundation under grant #1908117.

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