Astronauts launch Earth Movie Theater with special tribute to Bach

LEIPZIGeipzig, Germany, June 8, 2023 – The Association of Space Explorers (ASE) and TERC (STEM education non-profit) join forces today with Bachfest, the renowned festival celebrating the memory of Johann Sebastian Bach, to release an extraordinary movie titled “Earth Chaconne.” 

The movie is available free on – the premiere showcase of stunning Earth movies by astronauts, along with wonderful music by world-class musicians.  Each movie is custom-built as a work of art – an Earth visual plus+ music. The site is operated by ASE and TERC as a public service for education and public engagement.

Person playing the violin next to an image of Earth.

“Earth Chaconne” features a glorious flight path over the Sahara, Mediterranean and Eastern Europe, as photographed from the International Space Station. The music is Johann Sebastian Bach’s Violin Partita 2: Chaconne, powerfully played by Qingzhu Weng, a winner of the 2022 International Bachfest Competition.

“What a perfect match!  The joyous music of Bach and glorious views of Earth from space. Both celebrate depth and beauty. Both reveal intricate harmonies.  Both make our hearts soar,” says Daniel Barstow, ASE Education Mission Specialist and Director of Earth Movie Theater.

Today, Bachfest celebrates the 300th anniversary of Bach’s inauguration as Thomaskantor in Leipzig.  Bachfest Artistic Director Michael Maul says, “When I saw this movie, I had tears in my eyes: nature that seems like a work of art, united with music that seems completely natural –simply wonderful!”

ASE and TERC created as a creative showcase for the astronaut perspective to reach both minds and hearts.

“We will create many more movies – Earth has so much beauty, and we love to work with such talented musicians.  Please visit often and enjoy,” adds Barstow.

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