Announcing a New Forum for Equity in Elementary Mathematics

Logo: Forum for Equity in Elementary Mathematics

TERC is excited to announce a new web-based resource to support equitable mathematics teaching and learning in the elementary grades. This site—The Forum for Equity in Elementary Mathematics—will be a place for educators to reflect on and discuss equity, access, identity, and agency in the elementary mathematics classroom. Its goal is to provide equity-related resources, publications, and professional learning opportunities to broaden and deepen perspectives and to open up discussions among educators as they seriously and passionately pursue equity in mathematics learning for elementary students.

The Forum grows out of the work of our Investigations colleagues at TERC, who have decades of experience in elementary curriculum and professional development focused on K-5 mathematics. This new body of work is not curriculum specific, as equitable teaching and learning applies to every classroom in every school, regardless of the adopted curriculum materials. A several-year study of literature around how students who have been historically marginalized in math classrooms can be supported in being doers of mathematics uncovered a lack of examples of materials and information focused specifically on the elementary grades. Thus, the work of this forum was born.

The Forum launches on September 27, 2023. Sign up here if you’d like to be part of the conversation. You’ll be notified when resources become available, events are announced, or blogs are published.