An invitation to join Empowering Teachers Through VideoReView

TERC’s Video-Supported Professional Learning Program

For teachers of science grades 2-6 in the Boston area
School Year 2017-2018

Applications due June 20th

TERC’s Empowering Teachers through VideoReView program is inviting teams (2-4 teachers of upper elementary grade science) to participate in a video-supported professional development program.

What is the Program?

Empowering Teachers Through VideoReView is a video-supported professional development program in which participants study video from their own science discussions. Using video they gain insight into students’ science ideas and reasoning, and use these insights to guide students’ learning.

The program goal is to increase student understanding of science concepts and practices by helping teachers to become more aware of their students’ existing ideas and reasoning that relate to the learning goals of their curriculum. And to make productive teaching decisions in response.

Each teacher within a team is provided with an easy-to-use video system to capture and study video of science discussions. They plan, lead, and independently analyze their video using the VideoReView software. A “science lens” built into the software focuses the teacher’s attention on key practices of science that support deeper science understanding. In preparation for meetings with team colleagues, teachers select short video clips to discuss. A TERC coach is available to help customize, guide, and support learning.

Participants will learn to:

  • Lead more effective science discussions
  • Become more adept at analyzing students’ science ideas and reasoning
  • Pinpoint students’ progress toward the learning goal
  • Craft productive responses in the moment or on reflection

See what the program looks like in action:

How can you apply?

  1. Form a school or district team of 2-4 interested colleagues of science in the Boston (grades 2-6).
  2. Complete and submit the attached application form by June 19th. Applications can be scanned and submitted to


  • Documentation of 22 hours of professional development in Science Education
  • A $850 stipend for completing the program
  • The camera, mini-PC, and software for continued use in the classroom

Download application.