Projects, games, and activities that mix in math for PreK-Grade 5

We are delighted to make our activity books available for free downloading. Our books are based on 15 years of research and development projects supported in part by NSF and other foundations. In these projects, we partnered with public librarians, after-school providers, and families all over the U.S to craft math resources that are accessible and engaging to a very wide audience, including those with little mathematical comfort or confidence.

Download our books for free below!

Food Fights, Puzzles, and Hideouts

Food Fights, Puzzles, and Hideouts for Grades K-5

We believe that creativity, play, and socializing are important ingredients in learning just about anything. This book is designed to put those ingredients into learning math. The games, projects, and activities are geared toward children in the elementary grades, but older children and adults will also enjoy and find challenge in them.

Whether or not you’ve liked math in the past, once you’ve dipped into this book, you’ll see that it can be part of the things you love to do. Find a game, project, or activity and get started!

  • Food Fights Intro
  • Games Galore
    All kinds of games: coin, dice, and board; quiet and active; partner and whole group. Play to win or play so everyone wins!
  • Projects and Crafts
    Build, design, create, and grow with projects and crafts that use everyday materials like paper towel tubes and cardboard boxes.
  • Play with Your Food
    Ideas to investigate and games to play when you’re eating, cooking, or party planning.
  • Good for Groups
    Icebreakers, party games, challenges, and contests designed for a crowd.
  • Anytime, Anywhere
    Activities to do and games to play wherever you are: in the car, on the bus, in a waiting room, or at the dinner table.
  • Any Year Calendars
    Things to do on familiar holidays (like July 4), less common holidays (like Backward Day) and any day. Includes a bonus set of ideas for celebrating 100 days.
  • Common Core Connections 

Rompecabezas, escondites y batallas de comida

Creemos que la creatividad, el juego y la socialización son ingredientes importantes de cualquier aprendizaje. Este libro está diseñado para incorporar estos ingredientes en el aprendizaje de las matemáticas. 

Aunque no nos gustaran las matemáticas en el pasado, una vez que probemos las actividades de este libro vamos a darnos cuenta que las matemáticas pueden ser parte de las actividades que nos gustan. Así que escojamos un juego, un proyecto o una actividad de este libro y, ¡pongámos manos a la obra!

  • Juegos a montones
    Todo tipo de juegos: con monedas, con dados y con tableros; tranquilos y activos; en pares o en grupo. Juguemos a ganar o ¡colaboremos para que todos ganemos!
  • Manualidades y proyectos
    Construyamos, diseñemos, creemos y crezcamos con manualidades y proyectos que usan materiales de la vida diaria, como tubos de cartón de toallas de papel y cajas de cartón. 
  • Jugando con la comida
    Ideas para investigar y juegos para jugar durante las comidas, mientras cocinamos o mientras estamos planeando una fiesta. 
  • Para grupos
    Actividades para romper el hielo, juegos para fiestas, retos y concursos diseñados para un grupo.
  • En cualquier momento, en cualquier lugar
    Actividades y juegos que se pueden hacer en cualquier lugar: en el carro, en el autobús, en una sala de espera o en la mesa mientras comemos. 
  • Calendarios para cualquier año
    Ideas para jugar e investigar sobre días feriados conocidos y menos conocidos (como el Día del Revés), o cualquier día. Incluye un conjunto adicional de ideas para celebrar los 100 días.
  • Conexiones con el Common Core
Say It With Shapes and Numbers

Say it with Shapes and Numbers for Grades PreK-3

Play games, build towers, move to the beat, and go on a pretend picnic—all with math! This book contains over 300 ways to mix in math with young children and families, mathophobes and mathophiles, and parents, childcare providers, librarians, and teachers. The games, projects, and activities are geared toward children grades PrK-3, but older children will also enjoy and find challenge in them.

  • Say It with Shapes and Numbers Intro
  • Games
    Play to match colors and numbers, to compare, sort, and count, and to add and subtract. Includes Game boards and Ladybug Card Deck. 
  • Projects and Crafts
    Build, design, and create with projects and crafts that use everyday materials. Includes letters and English and Spanish words in colorful geometric shapes to use for projects that combine geometry, patterns, and literacy. Extra Letter Sets and Blank Shapes
  • Food and Water
    Ideas to investigate and games to play in the kitchen, at snack time, or around water. 
  • Good for Groups
    Group games, party favorites, icebreakers, and circle time activities for indoors and out.
  • Anytime, Anywhere
    Activities to do and games to play wherever you are: in the car, on the bus, in a waiting room, or at the dinner table.
  • All Year Round
    Ideas for mixing math into seasons, holidays, and special events all year round. 
  • Math Connections

Mixing in Math lays out such a variety of activities—short and long, complex or requiring no materials at all—that teen or adult program leaders can’t help but be inspired. Beside addressing state frameworks, these activities draw creative extensions out of day-to-day places where math did not seem to exist before.

– Boston-area homework assistance and afterschool staff developer