Fostering Equity in K-5 Math Communities

This 1.5 day synchronous online workshop focuses on creating and sustaining equitable math learning communities in the elementary grades. Sessions address aspects of equitable math teaching and learning including: deep and rigorous mathematics, strength-based assessment, teacher and student identity and agency, and equitable participation.

Supporting Math Learning


This 7-week asynchronous online workshop focuses on the teacher’s role in supporting the range of learners in K-5 math classrooms. Appropriate for users of any curriculum, the weekly sessions include interactive math tasks and discussions, as well as opportunities to analyze student thinking, and explore a variety of instructional strategies to effectively support and engage all students in math learning.

Professional Learning Network

The Professional Learning Network connects educators who are interested in fostering equitable learning environments in elementary mathematics classrooms nationwide. These interactive sessions focus on exploring and discussing student and teacher reflection tools for developing equitable math learning communities and how to implement them in the classroom.

Speaker Series

These online webinars bring together people to share work, ideas, and perspectives that relate to equity, access, identity, and agency in the elementary mathematics classroom.