An Excursion is a sequence of related classroom activities that encourage students to apply the mathematics they are learning to the contexts of their own and others’ lives and communities. Each Excursion has been field tested, and is designed to provide each student the opportunity to:  

  • uncover their own unique mathematical strengths, experience, ideas, and interests 
  • apply the mathematics they are learning to a new context 
  • generate and pursue mathematical questions that interest them  
  • engage in new learning about aspects of mathematics in the world 
  • learn about people of diverse backgrounds and identities who use mathematics within a variety of fields 

Look for Excursions at grades 2, 3, and 5 coming in 2024.

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It was a really great way to get kids that don’t normally participate to participate. Like a lot of these kids that had really cool places that their families were from really wanted to share that information.”

– Classroom teacher