Learning Computational Thinking through Zoombinis (2016)


Zoombinis is an exciting game in which players solve challenging puzzles as they explore a strange land packed with memorable and quirky characters.

Players of all ages use and develop computational thinking skills, which are fundamental to the 21st century.

The Educational Gaming Environments group (EdGE) is conducting research (grades 3-8) to better understand and help maximize the positive impacts of this awesome game. Learn more about Zoombinis.

NSF Award: 1502882


This discussion took place during the TERC Video Showcase Event Nov. 14-21, 2023. Discussion is now closed.
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Jodi Asbell-Clarke
Jodi Asbell-Clarke
November 13, 2023 3:10 pm
thanks for your interest in Zoombinis. Please comment on our more recent video’s post https://www.terc.edu/videolibrary/videos/bridging-from-zoombinis-to-computational-thinking-2018/
Traci Higgins
Traci Higgins
November 14, 2023 10:05 am
My grown daughter, who happens to be a software engineer, has fond memories of playing Zoombinis as a child. I love that this game continues to captivate children today. It’s an amazing balance of delightful characters and engaging puzzles at the perfect level of challenge. I’m curious about the way that the game has continued to evolve and where you see new direction for educational game play. I’m also wondering if there are gaming projects in the works for supporting the development of data literacy. This seems like such an exciting space to be working within!
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