About this event

The TERC Video Showcase is an 8-day interactive event for visitors and TERC staff to engage with each other around the innovative ideas presented in short videos aimed at enhancing science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and CS education for all learners. The presentations traverse multiple grade levels and disciplines, extending to both school and informal learning environments. We invite educators, researchers, parents, and funders to view the video presentations and interact with the presenters and other visitors by posting comments, queries, and ideas. This collection of video narratives will become a part of the TERC Video Library (coming soon) which will be publicly available year-round. 

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Special Thanks to our Facilitators: Stephen Alkins, Brian Drayton, Traci Higgins, Nickolay Hristov, Jillian Ives, Nuria Jaumot-Pascual, and Karen Mutch-Jones.

About TERC

TERC is an independent research-based non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring and engaging all learners through the creation of innovative curriculum, tool development, professional development, and research on learning. Interdisciplinary teams at TERC are passionate about promoting equal access to leaning opportunities in a variety of educational settings. TERC is driven by its commitment to social justice and strives to broaden participation and access to high quality learning experiences to all learners, reaching millions of students every year. Projects are designed to equip learners with the skills and confidence to ask questions, solve problems, and work collaboratively, in order to inspire engagement and enhance their future STEM paths and horizons.