Evaluating the Developing Mathematical Ideas (DMI) Professional Development Program

Lead Staff:
Jim Hammerman

Project Staff

Eric Hochberg
Santiago Gasca
Traci Higgins
Annie Sussman


Developing Mathematical Ideas (DMI) is a widely-used elementary and middle grades (K–8) mathematics teacher professional development curriculum based on well-established principles of effective programs. Teachers in DMI deepen their understanding of key mathematical ideas, explore students’ thinking about “big mathematical ideas,” and discuss teaching that supports students to develop mathematical understanding.

TERC’s Evaluating DMI project was an experimental study designed to look at the impact of the DMI professional development on grades 1-5 teachers’ knowledge and classroom practices and, in turn, students’ math achievement. The project also explored what it looks like for elementary grade students to engage in Common Core Mathematical Practices, and how teacher mathematical knowledge and questioning supports that engagement.

Related Publications

Sussman, A., Hammerman, J. K. L., Higgins, T., & Hochberg, E. D. (2019). Questioning to Elicit Students’ Mathematical Ideas. Teaching Children Mathematics, 25(5): 306-312. https://pubs.nctm.org/view/journals/tcm/25/5/article-p306.xml