A offshoot of iSWOOP, biologists, filmmakers, educators, visual artists and designers who explore places and nagging questions with tools from diverse disciplines. We call ourselves CATS (Coalition of Artisan Thinkers and playfully invent a new language that adds an absurd number of consonants to every day terms. It’s schpanqtastic. The team has articulated eight principles that guide our work and its expression via the arts. NASP is one aspect of our culture that we hope is contagious.

iSWOOP Advisors

Kevin Crowley, Joe Heimlich, and Jennifer Jewiss along with Tim Watkins, Sara Melena, and Flora Lichtman

iSWOOP Co-Authors and Designers

iSWOOP co-authors and designers include

Scott Pattison, Tracey Wright, Selene Gonzalez, Brian Forist, Cindy Char

Chris Tullar, Project Illustrator
Valerie Martin, graphic design
Ada Ren, graphic design

We are grateful to dozens of National Park Service staff in many roles and divisions who have allowed us to learn from them and with them. iSWOOP owes thanks to generous scientists who have contributed so much to this endeavor and to our thoughtful advisors for their guidance. Interpreters and Scientists Working on Our Parks is supported by the National Science Foundation DRL-1514776 and 1514766. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.