Data Clubs Team

Data Clubs was a collaboration between TERC in Cambridge, MA, and Science Education Solutions (SCIEDS) in Los Alamos, NM. The project was led by Andee Rubin, TERC Senior Scientist, and Jan Mokros, SCIEDS Senior Research Scientist.

TERC Staff

Traci Higgins

Andee Rubin

Ada Ren-Mitchell

Tracey Wright


Jan Mokros

Jacob Sagrans


Meggie Harvey, Gulf of Maine Research Institute

Elizabeth Osche, PERG, Endicott College

Christine Voyer, Gulf of Maine Research Institute


Amy R. Brodesky, Education Development Center

Tim Erickson, eeps media

Robert Gould, University of California, Los Angeles

Michelle Hoda Wilkerson, University of California, Berkeley

Cliff Konold, UMass Amherst  

Irene A. Lee, MIT

Fred Martin, University of Massachusetts Lowell

Leigh Peake, Gulf of Maine Research Institute

Field Test Sites

Girls, Inc., Lynn, MA

Lyman Moore Middle School, Portland, ME

Oxford Hills School District, ME

YMCA, Malden, MA